The week in pictures


Happiness lately

Not only is this post late, but it was a little harder to write than normal.

Because this week has just felt tough.

I’ve felt tired, flat and just generally not myself. But forcing myself to write this all the same has been a great little exercise in focusing on the positive….

Blue skies and blossomSo, happiness lately has been:

  • A well done from four members of the management team at work for some coverage I managed to get for the organisation.
  • Hot buttered crumpets!
  • The sunshine – this has helped to lift the week’s rubbishy mood no end.
  • Buying a new blue and white striped top…love, love, love breton stripes!
  • Finally replacing the broken light bulbs in the kitchen. We were down to the last one of five…I love how much brighter it is in there now, and I’m feeling a teeny bit smug that it was me who fixed it…that’s sad, I know.
  • Counting down the months until Pete and I move out of a shared house into our own flat…more on this soon, but we’ve started looking at flats and it’s finally starting to seem like it’s not too much longer to go.
  • A massive sleep on Friday night. I went to sleep at 9.45pm and slept through til 8.30am, that’s a long sleep for me. Judging by the week’s low mood, I needed it!

On blogging

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time reading lifestyle blogs. I used to be all about food blogs. But now I’m starting to feel over saturated by the incredible number of recipes flooding my feed reader. The recipes just don’t really interest me anymore, it’s the little stories about life that I really want to read about now.

In my blog reading binges over the past few weeks, I stumbled across a couple of early posts on Rosie’s blog – A Rosie Outlook – about restarting blogging and trying to figure out what to write about. Do you need to pick a ‘common theme’ in order for your blog to be successful like every ‘how to blog’ guide suggests? Or can you focus on a mix of things that interest you? Clouds I found myself thinking this exact same thing when it came to starting this blog. It’s also the reason that made me put off starting for so long. I didn’t know what niche I ought to write about. I didn’t really think I wanted to tie myself to a niche either. I just wanted to write, to write about anything, to write about what I like to read about – life, and generally just trying to make sense of it all.

So that’s what I’m going to do here, in spite of the ‘essential rules of blogging’. I have no idea who’d find reading about my life interesting. But if I find other people’s thoughts and pictures and musings about life interesting, then maybe, just maybe – if I can make my writing good enough! – somebody out there might just be able to connect with and enjoy the things I’m saying here.

The week in pictures

Because some days you’ve just gotta give yourself a break

Don’t you just hate those days when you just feel downright blah for absolutely no reason? When you feel irritable and flat and drained of every ounce of motivation….

Last Sunday was one of those days.

I’d baked a reasonable enough loaf of bread, yet felt really bothered by the fact it wasn’t as good as the last time (the jar of peanut butter that fell on it when it was proving may not have helped much!)

I then made some muesli bars, wanting a healthyish snack to see me through the week (and use up some muesli that I wasn’t much enjoying ploughing through for breakfasts). But they disappointed me too.

I took myself out on a walk hoping that might sort me out.  But deciding to lap the graveyard (because it makes for a good 20 minute circuit) understandably didn’t work wonders on my mood. Nor did the poor cat I saw, run-over on the side of the road.

What I did decide on my walk though was that I really, really wanted a long, hot shower. So that’s exactly what I did the second I got home, in the middle of the afternoon…Turns out that shower was exactly what I needed.

Ginger Tea, Vanilla Candle

Next I lit a candle, made a mug of fresh ginger tea with a huge hunk of ginger root (because my stomach was still feeling bloated and grumpy from Friday night’s pizza blow out), filled up my hot water bottle (also to help soothe my grisly tummy), set a timer on my phone and gave myself permission to read blogs for an hour, after which I promised myself I would get on with my ‘to do’ list.

Normally, (with my frustrating tendency towards negative thinking and self criticism) I’d have called this kind of thing procrastinating or just plain laziness. But somehow, consciously deciding that I was going to dedicate one hour to just chilling out and doing whatever the hell I felt like doing made such a massive difference. I shook off the bad mood, got my motivation back and didn’t feel bad for being ‘lazy’.

I need to take these kinda breaks more often!

Happiness lately….

  • Lighter mornings for cycling to work (although this caught me out on Monday, it seemed so light I was convinced I was running late.)
  • A 21 year old at work thinking I was younger than him…it was sort of flattering…it’s been a pretty long time since I was 21! Maybe the forehead lines and under eye-creases aren’t quite as big a give away as I’d been fearing…
  • The busker on my way to work…he’s been playing some awesome tunes this week.
  • Peanut butter & raspberry jam
  • Chocolate orange digestives…they’ll never beat digestive caramels, no biscuit will, but they’re pretty good!
  • This video made by an ex-colleague for his wife (still a colleague) for their wedding…it’s silly impressive…It even made front page news!
  • Avocado & chilli sauce on toast .
  • My vanilla scented candle – I’ve felt a little frazzled and highly strung this week, burning a candle has helped me to chill out

The week in pictures