Peanut and chocolate cookies

I made these cookies about a month ago before uni work completely took over my life and they are now a rather vague and distant memory. However,  what I do remember very clearly is crisp edges and a gooey-chewy centre, vital components of any good cookie in my opinion. (I’m writing this at 8am,  just after breakfast, but thinking about these cookies has ignited a phenomenal desire to re-make them. 8am isn’t too early to want a cookie is it?) As almost any baker, I am on a quest for the ‘best’ cookie recipe. The recipe used for these cookies is from delicious:days, and they definitely score very highly. These were also the first brown butter cookies I’ve ever made, which requires heating the butter until it turns a golden brown colour. I was, perhaps, a little too worried about burning the butter though, and therefore not leaving it to brown enough, as I wasn’t entirely sure I could taste the difference in the finished product. Nevertheless, they definitely still tasted amazing. Continue reading