On a cookie making mission…white chocolate and ginger cookies

Don’t you just love that feeling when something you bake turns out right, and I mean really right, almost, dare I say it, perfect? I know I posted a few months back about searching for my favourite cookie recipe. And the one I found was pretty impressive. But last week I decided it was time for further research. First I turned to Nigella Lawson, who, in her little (who am I kidding, this is Nigella) in her extensive introduction to her chocolate chip cookie recipe, claims to have undertaken extensive research to come up with the recipe for the ‘perfect’ chocolate chip cookie. Well, Mrs Lawson, either your recipe failed me, (or I failed at it), or we have very different ideas regarding the ‘perfect’ cookie. These cookies just didn’t cut it for me. Warm from the oven they were almost verging towards cakey textured. Once they’d cooled down they were better, crisp outer, slightly soft biscuity inner, but not a great deal of chew. And I think, for me, I want that chew! I want that slightly undercooked doughy, chewy inner (warm and gooey when it’s still warm from the oven) and a crispy outer. Nigella’s outer was perhaps more of a crunch than a crisp. Continue reading