Chocolate peanut butter cookie brownies

While last week’s chocolate marble cake may not have been ‘sweet enough’ for some, I don’t think a lack of sugar is something this week’s baking can be faulted for. There was plenty of sugar, a lot of chocolate, a lot of peanut butter and by the end of the day, a boyfriend who didn’t feel so well! It was my younger brother’s 21st this week and by way of a cake he requested a brownie/cookie combination. I must admit, I was a touch unsure how well cookies baked into brownies would work, but he was the boss and so I baked brownies with cookie in, and with peanut butter cups in (to push the boat out even further) and it worked, it really worked. My only regret was not adding even more cookie into my brownie! Continue reading


Starting over – with a marble cake

I think we can safely say that this blog did not at all take off in the way I’d hoped it might over the last year. University work got the better of me and I just couldn’t manage the blog alongside it. But now my degree is finished, I’ve got a bit/lot more time andย  a new wave of enthusiasm to get working on this blog. I’m currently trying to brush up on my photography skills, which, quite frankly, are disastrous (discovered how to adjust the white balance on my point and shoot today – huzzah!)ย  Because no one likes a photo of food so bad it makes eating the food seem like the last thing you would want to those photos you can get on tourist menus abroad…ick! Continue reading