Starting over – with a marble cake

I think we can safely say that this blog did not at all take off in the way I’d hoped it might over the last year. University work got the better of me and I just couldn’t manage the blog alongside it. But now my degree is finished, I’ve got a bit/lot more time and  a new wave of enthusiasm to get working on this blog. I’m currently trying to brush up on my photography skills, which, quite frankly, are disastrous (discovered how to adjust the white balance on my point and shoot today – huzzah!)  Because no one likes a photo of food so bad it makes eating the food seem like the last thing you would want to those photos you can get on tourist menus abroad…ick!

On re-uniting myself with my camera, along with discovering a  deposit of what may be cookie dough/cake batter dried up in the hole for the tripod stand (poor, neglected camera), I have found a collection of photos of things I’ve cooked and baked over the last few months which never made it into a post. Things like an amazing lemony, mustardy, chicken, potato and leek dish and a salted caramel and pecan shortbread. Things I need to tell you about. And hopefully I will do soon.

But for now, I shall tell you about the latest cake I made now that I am finally back in baking mode. It’s a marble loaf cake, the recipe for which comes from Béa at La Tartine Gourmade (such a beautiful blog!). I didn’t have all the different flours used in her recipe, so substituted the millet flour, quinoa flakes, flax meal and pecan meal for 225g of plain flour, which seemed to work ok, although I imagine the flavour of my cake was a little compromised. I liked how the cake wasn’t overly sweet, (allowing the cocoa and vanilla flavours to stand on their own two feet) and I liked the everyday simplicity of it, sort of understated and subtle, with some pretty marbling for added charm.


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