Ashburton Cookery School Day 3

Today we started off learning how to prepare a lamb breast, which we stuffed with the pork, mozzarella, olive and rosemary stuffing we made yesterday and slow cooked in a pan filled with stock, lamb bones and mirepoix (roughly chopped carrots, celery and onions) for about 3 hours. I’d never cooked with lamb breast before, but the lamb came out so meltingly tender I will definitely be experimenting some more with it. To go alongside the lamb we made potato boulangère, cauliflower cheese, mint sauce and reduced the cooking liquid down to make a jus.

Today was also a bit of a custard themed day. We made crème brûlée to eat on Friday and a honey custard to churn into ice cream. Making the honey custard my mixture went from runny to thick in seconds and I very very nearly ended up with scrambled egg. To go with the ice cream we poached pears in wine, then turned the poaching syrup into a granita.


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