Ashburton Cookery School Day 11

Today was bakery day!

I was very excited for today.

I’ve attempted bread a few times before, but have never been overly pleased with the results (the last two white loaves I made and a focaccia being the exceptions), so I was really looking forward to being taught how to do it properly. Turns out I was nearly there, I just wasn’t adding quite enough liquid to my dough.

As you would expect from a baking day, we baked masses, and I have come home with enough bread to open a small bakery and no idea how I am going to shift it all. We baked:

cute little white dinner rolls

a gorgeous date and walnut bread which went fantastically with cheese (one I will definitely be baking again!)

plant pot bread flavoured with garlic,sage and marjoram which smelt and tasted beautiful and developed a lovely light, crisp crust

Chicken, goat’s cheese and celeriac pasties, which, although a little too heavy on the pastry front (it was good pastry though!) had a really lovely flavour, far more interesting then your traditional pasty filling

Chelsea buns, which smelt delicious but I still have to try one,

and gluten-free brownies, which hopefully we will get to try tomorrow.


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