Marmalade cake with sultanas and pecans

I’ve had a series of failed recipes this week, including a cocoa and almond granola which was totally bland and unimpressive, and a nasty rice pudding (and I have a huuuuge thing for rice pudding, so I found this failure highly distressing!) So when my marmalade cake didn’t fail – didn’t even come close to failing – I was over the moon happy to have finally broken free from the failed recipe rut.

As much as I don’t want to knock this cake in any way, if I’m going to be completely honest the marmalade I used, which was a home-made grapefruit one, was a touch too bitter for me. The cake itself was just perfect though, gently sweet, with a very light, loose crumb which was wonderfully soft and tender to eat. The orange soaked sultanas and pecans added interest with their juicy/nutty bursts. But you could always leave them out if you prefer a simpler cake, the sponge is definitely good enough not to need any extra adorning. Continue reading


Ginger oat biscuits

I’ve been dreading this week for months. Not just because I turn 23…which is pretty much mid-twenties, which to me sounds like a thoroughly adult age bracket. Early twenties I could do, early twenties is cool. But mid? That sounds a bit scary, that sounds kinda, …old. And getting older definitely stops being cool as soon as you stop being a kid.

Age aside, the main reason I’ve been dreading this week is because it’s been ‘the week my boyfriend goes out to Central America for a month’. Now I know a month isn’t that long and I should probably toughen up and not feel sorry for myself about it all, but I am going to miss him (and worry fairly endlessly over his safety. While he assures me they are only going to be using armoured buses, I still find the fact that there is even a need for armoured buses somewhat unsettling.) Continue reading