Liebster Award Thank Yous

I’m a little slow coming with this one…but I need to say a massive thank you to Pretty Happy Baking, Nuts Over Oats and Art of Nutrition for nominating me for the the Liebster Blog Award…an award given to up and coming bloggers.

Chocolate orange torte

Chocolate orange torte

As a nominee, the guidelines of the award are to give eleven random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions from the blogger nominating you for the award and nominate another eleven bloggers, asking them eleven questions…As I’ve been nominated three times, I’m going to break the rules a bit and answer a mixture of questions from all of those asked by the bloggers nominating me. And as most of the bloggers I would nominate for the award have already been nominated before….I’m going to give you a list of my eleven favourite WordPress blogs…so here goes….

The quinoa salad I am craving

The quinoa salad I’m craving…badly!

Eleven random facts about me:

1) I’m 1/4 Flemish.

2) I desperately want a career in food writing.

3) I have double-jointed thumbs – I can weird most people out with them.

3) I’ve never had a pet, except for a crab I took home from the beach once as a kid, I tried feeding it fish fingers and it died over-night.

4) I’m fascinated by the poet Edward Thomas…but I can’t quite place my finger on why…I wrote an essay on him in my third year, which you’d have thought would kill the love…essays tend to do turn love into hate by the end!

5) I like writing poetry (although I feel slightly embarrassed admitting that) but don’t spend anywhere near enough time practising.

Half way there cookie dough

Half way there cookie dough

5) I can’t play any musical instruments but really wish I could.

6) I can’t sing either…I used to get told off for even trying when I was small 😦

7) One of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve done was direct a production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible (awesome play!) while I was at uni….I still can’t quite believe I did it…and I’m still beyond proud of my wonderful cast.

8) I was an au-pair in France during my gap-year

9) I’ve written 80,000 words of a book draft…but I don’t think I will ever attempt to get it published.

10) I had elocution lessons in primary school … I don’t at all think it shows!

11) The first thing I can ever remember winning was a trophy at primary school for dry slope skiing when I was four…I definitely never came anywhere near close to winning anything on sports days though…sports day was always traumatic for me…last kid over the line every time…yeh….that was me…

Prettiest looking salmon I've ever cooked...possibly?

Prettiest looking salmon I’ve ever cooked…possibly?

Eleven questions

1) What’s your favourite recipe? So tough…but possibly one for seafood linguine.

2) What ingredient could you not live without? Flour…how else would I bake?!

3) Favourite dessert? That’s very mood dependent…but rice pudding is one of them…comfort food at it’s finest!

4) Describe your baking style? I prefer not too fancy/sickly/sweet cakes…I’m always after comfort with my baking.

5) Favourite cookbook? Currently it’s Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries II – Love his writing, love his recipes…generally somewhat in awe of this man.

Super gingery cookies

Super gingery cookies

6) Tea or coffee? Tea, definitely tea…I can drink gallons of the stuff.

7) First thing ever cooked? The first thing I can remember teaching myself to cook was chicken nuggets (no, not the ones from a packet!) fresh chicken breast cut up into chunks, dipped in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs (plenty of mess) then baked….I was very proud of myself!

8) Where did you last go out to eat? Simon Hulstone’s The Elephant in Torquay. We had the tasting menu and it was incredible…best meal out ever. I loved how having lots of little courses stretched the meal (and the excitement) out longer…I fear three course meals will feel inadequate from now on.

9) If you could master any skill, what would it be? Can I pick two? Patisserie and food photography (and styling!)

10) Least favourite veg? raw green pepper…wish they’d stop including it in the multi-packs of peppers…does anyone really want the green one?!

11) Milk or dark chocolate? Dark

Goat's cheese and spinach frittata

Goat’s cheese and spinach frittata

A few of my favourite WordPress blogs:

Emily Cooks Vegan

The Crafty Cook Nook

Elle bakes

Nuts over Oats

Dispatched from the gypsy roller

Fika and more

Little bits of nice

Home made with mess

Aubergine and spinach curry...quite craving veggie curry too...

Aubergine and spinach curry…quite craving veggie curry too…

I have one week left of my internship before I move back home (or rather the closest thing I can call home right now) and I cannot wait to start cooking and baking again and sharing it all on here.

More veggie curry! Butternut squash this time....and an amazing gf flatbread...heaven!

More veggie curry! Butternut squash this time….and an amazing gf flatbread…heaven!

And not too long left to go playing around with FODMAP reintroduction…I’m ready to burst with the excitement!

And a gluten-full cinnamon bun! Ohhh, how I can't wait to eat one of these!

Aaaaand a gluten-full cinnamon bun! Ohhh, how I can’t wait to eat one of these!


5 thoughts on “Liebster Award Thank Yous

  1. Congrats on the awards, and thanks for linking to me 🙂 your food always looks delicious, the cinnamon rolls look awesome! Sainsburys have started putting orange ones in the multipacks instead of green, it was a good day when I found that out 🙂 x

  2. Oh, just realised you’ve included me in your list! Thank you so much and congratulations on receiving the award three times!!! Your blog pointed me in the direction of FODMAP and has definitely helped me figure out what agrees and not with me 🙂 x

    • Thank you, that’s so amazing to hear I managed to help someone out a little through talking about FODMAPs on my blog and so glad cutting out FODMAPs have been providing you with some relief! 😀 I was getting insanely frustrated trying to work out what the problem foods were before I discovered FODMAPs….which seem to be the trickiest ones for you? x

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