Happiness lately…


  • Porridge and raspberry jam
  • The one day it didn’t rain
  • Finishing work an hour early on Friday and going home to read a book with a big mug of tea and a chocolate bar
  • Left over dinner for lunch instead of a ham/cheese/peanut butter sandwich, because ham/cheese/peanut butter sandwiches don’t half get boring at times
  • Baking extra chocolately chocolate muffins
  • Getting out the tea pot and tea cosy for weekend breakfasting….we have the best tea cosy…

Tea cozy

  • Seeing some brilliant coverage come out of one of my press releases at work #chuffed
  • Going to my first Pilates class in about two years. I loved it; my abs, less so
  • Having a table booked at a little Italian in town for tonight and looking forward to it all week. It’s also meant I’ve spent the whole week trying to decide whether I want pizza or pasta…so hard to choose!

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