If you can’t decide choose both…and then regret it slightly!

Pete’s been working crazy-hard the last few weeks for an exam, so we haven’t had a chance to do a great deal together. The exam was on Tuesday and to celebrate it being over we booked a table at this teeny tiny Italian restaurant in town that’s been doing amazingly well on trip advisor.

We started off with king prawns in a tomato, chilli and garlic sauce for me and buffalo mozzarella and parma ham for Pete. Both starters got a big thumbs up.

Then, to solve my inability to choose between pasta or pizza, we decided to share a seafood pasta and a tuscan sausage and purple sprouting broccoli pizza.

The pizza was a big ‘un! I really enjoyed having broccoli on pizza and the sausage was pretty tasty (just a bit too greasy and sliced a bit too thick if I’m going to be really fussy over the little things).

The biggest let down though…too much cheese! I never thought I’d say that, but Pete thought the same, so it’s totally a real thing….a pizza with too much cheese on!

We split the pasta pretty evenly between us and managed to eat about a third of the pizza each. I was pretty tipsy on the wine by this point though, drowning out any ‘I’ve really eaten enough now’ signals. I casually bet Pete I could finish off the whole pizza. He bet I couldn’t and so of course I took on the challenge, polished off the lot and then followed things up with a scoop of gorgeous chocolate ice cream…

Ta da!

No one saw little me managing that one!

Unsurprisingly, sober and bloated the following morning, I was a little less proud of myself….


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