Happiness lately….

  • Lighter mornings for cycling to work (although this caught me out on Monday, it seemed so light I was convinced I was running late.)
  • A 21 year old at work thinking I was younger than him…it was sort of flattering…it’s been a pretty long time since I was 21! Maybe the forehead lines and under eye-creases aren’t quite as big a give away as I’d been fearing…
  • The busker on my way to work…he’s been playing some awesome tunes this week.
  • Peanut butter & raspberry jam
  • Chocolate orange digestives…they’ll never beat digestive caramels, no biscuit will, but they’re pretty good!
  • This video made by an ex-colleague for his wife (still a colleague) for their wedding…it’s silly impressive…It even made front page news!
  • Avocado & chilli sauce on toast .
  • My vanilla scented candle – I’ve felt a little frazzled and highly strung this week, burning a candle has helped me to chill out

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