Happiness lately

Not only is this post late, but it was a little harder to write than normal.

Because this week has just felt tough.

I’ve felt tired, flat and just generally not myself. But forcing myself to write this all the same has been a great little exercise in focusing on the positive….

Blue skies and blossomSo, happiness lately has been:

  • A well done from four members of the management team at work for some coverage I managed to get for the organisation.
  • Hot buttered crumpets!
  • The sunshine – this has helped to lift the week’s rubbishy mood no end.
  • Buying a new blue and white striped top…love, love, love breton stripes!
  • Finally replacing the broken light bulbs in the kitchen. We were down to the last one of five…I love how much brighter it is in there now, and I’m feeling a teeny bit smug that it was me who fixed it…that’s sad, I know.
  • Counting down the months until Pete and I move out of a shared house into our own flat…more on this soon, but we’ve started looking at flats and it’s finally starting to seem like it’s not too much longer to go.
  • A massive sleep on Friday night. I went to sleep at 9.45pm and slept through til 8.30am, that’s a long sleep for me. Judging by the week’s low mood, I needed it!

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