If you can’t decide choose both…and then regret it slightly!

Pete’s been working crazy-hard the last few weeks for an exam, so we haven’t had a chance to do a great deal together. The exam was on Tuesday and to celebrate it being over we booked a table at this teeny tiny Italian restaurant in town that’s been doing amazingly well on trip advisor.

We started off with king prawns in a tomato, chilli and garlic sauce for me and buffalo mozzarella and parma ham for Pete. Both starters got a big thumbs up.

Then, to solve my inability to choose between pasta or pizza, we decided to share a seafood pasta and a tuscan sausage and purple sprouting broccoli pizza.

The pizza was a big ‘un! I really enjoyed having broccoli on pizza and the sausage was pretty tasty (just a bit too greasy and sliced a bit too thick if I’m going to be really fussy over the little things).

The biggest let down though…too much cheese! I never thought I’d say that, but Pete thought the same, so it’s totally a real thing….a pizza with too much cheese on!

We split the pasta pretty evenly between us and managed to eat about a third of the pizza each. I was pretty tipsy on the wine by this point though, drowning out any ‘I’ve really eaten enough now’ signals. I casually bet Pete I could finish off the whole pizza. He bet I couldn’t and so of course I took on the challenge, polished off the lot and then followed things up with a scoop of gorgeous chocolate ice cream…

Ta da!

No one saw little me managing that one!

Unsurprisingly, sober and bloated the following morning, I was a little less proud of myself….


Lamb and pearl barley casserole

Some things can’t wait.

Like telling you about this casserole before spring comes and things like casserole aren’t so appealing anymore.

The only problem is, I don’t really have any pictures. I hadn’t intended to blog about this casserole (because I had no idea quite how incredibly awesome it was going to be), and I’m not sure I’ll have the chance to make it again anytime soon, thanks to the four remaining portions in my freezer!

So I’m going to have to try and convince you it’s amazing with words instead (and a blurry phone pic). Because, well, I really do feel you need to know about this casserole. Continue reading

Toasted oat muesli

I’m over the moon happy for several reasons.


ONE – I have a job!

TWO – I’ve just finished reading a book! An entire book! The first book I’ve read in over four months and it feels like a huge and wonderful achievement given how difficult trying to find time to read anything has been lately. (If you’re interested, the book was Caitlin Moran’s How to be a Woman which I bought on Emily Cooks Vegan‘s recommendation months ago…and I’m so glad I did – the book is laugh out loud funny and smart and I loved it – thanks Emily!)IMG_1119

And THREE – After nearly four years I’ve managed to find a breakfast that my boyfriend prefers to Weetabix! Before I met my boyfriend, I would have struggled to believe that anyone could happily eat Weetabix every. single. day. I find it hard enough trying to understand why anyone would want to eat the exact same breakfast every day, let alone Weetabix. Continue reading

Chocolate, cherry and coconut banana loaf

When I started writing this blog, I made it my intention to only post recipes that I truly loved, the keepers, the ones which are 100% worth making again.  For those who read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve not been cooking or baking much lately, and the few things I have managed to squeeze in really haven’t been worth reporting back about. I could tell you about the cake I made today, though, which was so full of sugar all I wanted to do after my average-sized-slice-that-I-couldn’t-even-finish was lie down down in a dark room clenching my stomach and moaning and desperately wishing that sugar-rush induced dizziness would soon be over. Also, this cake is HUGE! I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with the rest of this ginormous cake, which, to eat, almost verges on a mild form of self torture…it’s thoroughly depressing.

The banana cake I made this week, however, was far from depressing. IMG_0952

I’ve tried countless banana cakes, the last few of which have been nothing more than mediocre, causing me to forget how much I really do love banana cake. Continue reading

Marzipan and clementine cake…a Christmas cake for those who only like the marzipan bit…and it’s wheat-free

Life continues as crazy as ever.

Clementine and marzipan cake

Perhaps it’s a test, to build my adaptability and capacity to handle uncertainty.

Currently, I have absolutely no idea where I’m headed next. I’m still stuck in limbo land. I want to follow that part of me that lights up at the thought of a food related career. But I just can’t quite figure out how to make that a reality.

Clementine and marzipan cakeWhich food-related route do I attempt to go down? Chef school? A commis chef job? Take a journalism course that may, or may not, lead me towards a career in food writing? Continue reading

Mince pies at last!

If Christmas had a taste, it would have to be mince pie flavour. To me, nothing says Christmas more. FODMAP friendly mince pie

Until this week I really hadn’t caught the ‘it’s nearly Christmas’ feeling. There’s been far too many other things going on for my brain to even manage Christmas thoughts… things like getting a new job and relocating back to Cardiff at two days notice…which has been stressful and exciting in equal measure. Fortunately for me I have the most amazing cousins, who conveniently happened to be making numerous drives between Cardiff and my home town last week, meaning I could grab a lift up to Cardiff with my stuff…I’ve no idea how I’d have done it without them. Also rather conveniently, they have now gone on a four month ski season in France -envious much- leaving a house in Cardiff in need of house sitting…ideal! The house also happens to be next door to my boyfriend’s…Now things can’t really get any more convenient, or freakishly coincidental, or brilliant than that. Continue reading

Caramel shortbread on a whole new level…(and it’s wheat free)

These caramel shortbread should come with a health warning.

They’re just plain dangerous!IMG_9730 I mean, look at them.

Unless you have the world’s best self-restraint, these are exactly the type of thing you will find yourself over-consuming right up to the point at which you start to feel unwell… and possibly even past that. Continue reading