Because some days you’ve just gotta give yourself a break

Don’t you just hate those days when you just feel downright blah for absolutely no reason? When you feel irritable and flat and drained of every ounce of motivation….

Last Sunday was one of those days.

I’d baked a reasonable enough loaf of bread, yet felt really bothered by the fact it wasn’t as good as the last time (the jar of peanut butter that fell on it when it was proving may not have helped much!)

I then made some muesli bars, wanting a healthyish snack to see me through the week (and use up some muesli that I wasn’t much enjoying ploughing through for breakfasts). But they disappointed me too.

I took myself out on a walk hoping that might sort me out.  But deciding to lap the graveyard (because it makes for a good 20 minute circuit) understandably didn’t work wonders on my mood. Nor did the poor cat I saw, run-over on the side of the road.

What I did decide on my walk though was that I really, really wanted a long, hot shower. So that’s exactly what I did the second I got home, in the middle of the afternoon…Turns out that shower was exactly what I needed.

Ginger Tea, Vanilla Candle

Next I lit a candle, made a mug of fresh ginger tea with a huge hunk of ginger root (because my stomach was still feeling bloated and grumpy from Friday night’s pizza blow out), filled up my hot water bottle (also to help soothe my grisly tummy), set a timer on my phone and gave myself permission to read blogs for an hour, after which I promised myself I would get on with my ‘to do’ list.

Normally, (with my frustrating tendency towards negative thinking and self criticism) I’d have called this kind of thing procrastinating or just plain laziness. But somehow, consciously deciding that I was going to dedicate one hour to just chilling out and doing whatever the hell I felt like doing made such a massive difference. I shook off the bad mood, got my motivation back and didn’t feel bad for being ‘lazy’.

I need to take these kinda breaks more often!