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The ‘how to make people think you’re amazing’ brownies

I feel like the weather has been trying to tell us that summer is over since about the middle of August. Now I’m back at uni, summer is officially over for me, and I am mildly dreading an autumn and winter spent hibernating inside reading books on literary criticism and writing essays until my mind goes numb and permanent exhaustion sets in. On a more positive note, I feel this is the perfect excuse to make plenty of stews, soups and all sorts of comfort food in an attempt to offset uni-work induced depression, time and energy permitting.

It was my boyfriend who got lumbered with the task of driving all my stuff back to uni this year, which clearly required baking him something special to say thank you. I’d recently made carrot cake, very high up on his favourite cakes list, and a millionaire’s shortbread with pecans in the caramel, bringing a little bit of his much loved pecan pie into his equally loved millionaire’s shortbread (although it wasn’t until very recently that he learnt that name for chocolate caramel shortbread). I first made marbled brownies in the autumn of last year, bringing the batch along to rehearsals when I was directing a play. They were incredibly well received, with lots of wide eyes, exclamations of deliciousness and excessive praise. It’s a great feeling, mixing a few ingredients together, putting them in the oven and getting results that leave people thinking you’re a little bit amazing. Ever since, a discussion of brownies always led to my boyfriend bringing up the marbled brownies in order to reflect on how good they were. So I figured a second batch might make a suitable thank you present. ‘I definitely hope so’, I thought, as I melted down four bars of high quality chocolate.  Continue reading