Chocolate orange cupcakes

My boyfriend has always been a big fan of Terry’s chocolate oranges, and whilst I have always liked them, would never have ranked them all that highly on my favourite chocolate list. But after buying a chocolate orange for him the other week (and eating a couple of pieces myself) I am now newly addicted to the things and find myself frequently craving a segment, or several, (the segment shape definitely adds to the enjoyment!) with a coffee after dinner. Baking chocolate orange cupcakes seemed like the logical and natural progression for such new addictions and cravings. And I think, to prove how fond I am becoming of the chocolate orange combination, whereas I would in almost every occasion err towards less butter-cream than more, finding most to be simply too sickly sweet, and with a flavour that can only be described as ‘sugar flavour’, in the instance of chocolate orange butter-cream, more is definitely preferable to less. Continue reading